Edsys Orientation


The Colorado Employee Data System (EDSys) is a database of employee information for the Department of Natural Resources. It organizes data about employees, positions, and work groups in a way that makes finding and updating information consistent and straightforward. There are strict security rules imposed on who can see this information. Common information is available to everyone, while confidential data is available only to the employee, supervisor, Payroll, and Human Resources. Most data changes formerly handled with a paper form can now be handled through EDSys.


EDSys must now be used by employees who need to change their name, emergency contact, home address, phone, or other personal information. Each employee may also use EDSys to see their pay stubs. (*Please note that as of November 1, 2011, you will no longer be receiving a paper copy of your pay advice). Data is protected, so this information is only available to those who have appropriate permission to see it.


It is important that the information be kept accurate and up to date. Incorrect information could result in mailings going to the wrong address, coworkers being unable to call an employee who has transferred, or supervisors being unable to approve timecards.

What is EDSys?